About Mike Wong


Mike started playing the piano at the age of 8. Day after day, neighbors would always hear; “Michael…did you practice piano today?” being shouted from the Wong household. Who would ever think that 12 years of piano lessons would lead to a career years down the road.

Armed with a degree in Biology after 4 years as a Pre-Med student, Mike headed to Alaska, looking forward to becoming a wildlife biologist. A big surprise came to family and friends down in the lower 48 states…..Mike ended up performing magic for a living. His performances took him into over 200 Eskimo and Indian villages under the sponsorship of oil companies, art councils and outlying school districts. He traveled by dog sled and bush plane into the most remote areas of the state over 11 incredible and unforgettable years.

While performing magic at a birthday party in Anchorage, Alaska, the 6 year old guest-of-honor heard Mike playing on their piano and asked if Mike could teach him how to play. Mike took on his first student, Jeff Woodell, who has gone on to become a professional musician. The funny thing was that Mike didn’t even own a piano.

Today, with a full schedule of students, ranging in age from 4 to 83, he still manages to perform his magic shows (www.mikewong.com) for banquets, conventions and children’s events around the country.

By the way, he did finally get a piano.