Student Music



Performer: Hudson
Selection: Menuet
Composer: Reingale
Age: 6
Previous Experience: 1 year
With Mike Wong: 10 months
Performer: Bernie
Selection: Menuet in G
Composer: Paderewski
Age: 15
Previous Experience: Lessons 5 years, then a 5 year break
With Mike Wong: 2 months
Performer: Aidan
Selection: Paradise
Composer: Coldplay
Age: 13
Previous Experience: Lessons 5 years private
With Mike Wong: 3 years
Performer: Anya
Selection: Camptown Races
Composer: Foster
Age: 6
Previous Experience: None
With Mike Wong: 8 months
Performer: Gianna
Selection: Sonata in A
Composer: Mozart
Age: 12
Previous Experience: none
With Mike Wong: 4 years
1 year with other teachers
Now back with Mike Wong 1 month